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Advantages of Using Rescheck Web

In case you don’t know, Rescheck Web is simply a web-based software application program that enables developers, designers, contractors and builders of residential buildings to punch in building develop assemblies as per their proposed specifications and plans, and then they will be able to whether their project meets the requirements of the IECC energy codes and the applicable energy code in their state.

The Rescheck Web is more or less the same as Rescheck Desktop. The main difference is that unlike for Rescheck Desktop that requires you to download and install the software in your computer for you to use it, Rescheck Web doesn’t require any download and installation because it is the online version of the software and you are required to use it online.

Reasons why Many Developers and designers prefer Using Rescheck Web

First, Rescheck Web calculates trade-off automatically. So, it not only simplifies the residential energy compliance to contractors, builders and designers, but it also makes work easier and faster.

Secondly, the U.S Department of Energy Office of Building has updated the Rescheck Web with a number of modern functions. The new version of the Rescheck Web was released in summer 2017. For instance, the online software now has a new interface and a dashboard of your building projects. The latest version of Rescheck Web has now the ability to even create the individual user profile. Furthermore, it can also allow you to share the projects with your colleagues. This means that if you and your colleagues are working on the same project, only one of you needs to perform the trade-off calculations on his or her computer and then share the project and the details with other members of the team. It actually saves time and resources, and this makes it more economical.

Besides, you don’t have to necessarily download or install any software in your computer for you to be able to calculate trade-offs for the IECC energy codes and other various state specific-codes because Rescheck Web allows you to access it and do the calculations online.

Rescheck Web is very useful for individuals who are designing log home because it provides instant feedback on viability of using window sizes, window types, and other different components. If you are using the software online, all you need to do is enter the numbers for your design and you will be able to see whether or not you are going to pass the energy code compliance. In case you realize that you are not going to pass the code compliance, you can simply change the window size, or add insulation to the project’s roof assembly.

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