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New York Rescheck Reports

Rescheck is a software program that is used in measuring compliance to federal, state, or local energy codes for additions, new homes, and alterations. Rescheck reports are a requirement in New York for new home projects, additions, and alterations. Rescheck makes it easier for you as someone who is working in residential construction, or as someone who wants to build a new residential building to comply with all the energy-efficiency regulation requirements. It also helps you to determine if all your family residents meet the code.

Rescheck actually makes it very easy for you to make sure that your building complies with the standards of the New York 2015 IECC.

All New York cities and counties require Rescheck reports to prove that your building meets the energy efficiency codes in New York State. So, Rescheck reports are necessary for all residential buildings. In fact, Rescheck Reports are a requirement for building permit submission.

Rescheck report is part of building standard permit processing procedure, and you cannot get a building permit without presenting Rescheck reports in New York. You can use Rescheck in any city in the state of New York.

You will need to be issued by a Rescheck report for you to be able to submit an addition or new home construction to your local permit office for you to be issued with a building permit. This is a requirement regardless of which city your project is provided it is within New York State. In few words, no Rescheck report, no construction permit. It is that simple, and it doesn’t matter what city you are in. That is just how important Rescheck is to New York and its people.

What if you don’t pass?

If you fail to pass the IECC standards and the New York state code with Rescheck on the first attempt, you will have to consider necessary improvements in order to meet the code. Otherwise, you won’t get the building permit. Typically, the improvements involve insulating crawl spaces, insulating basements, using doors and windows that are more energy efficient, and adding insulation to your attic. Improvements also involve making other recommended and necessary upgrades. After making the improvements, you will be able to pass Rescheck and you will get your permit.

You can do Rescheck report yourself or hire Rescheck service to prepare your Rescheck reports. What matters is that you must have Rescheck reports declaring that your building meets the code.

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